• Filing group of corporations
  • Guarantee of T1 Accuracy
  • Built in CRA tools

tax scenario:

  • T1 and T1/TP1: Personal
  • T2 and CO-17: Corporate
  • T3 and TP-646: Trusts


  • Training & Webinars
  • Community & Events
  • Live Chat & Help

Profile System

  • Windows compatible
  • 3 GB for installation
  • DVD-ROM Drive Include

Get your professional tax preparation with highly efficient tax software that you can trust:

Most users often face problems while selecting a software that can help them to prepare their professional tax. Issues like not getting returns accurately were very common. Now, with just one software getting the returns is not only accurate but becomes efficient too. All the issues are resolved by tax software for professionals. Do less data entry and get the most intuitive reviewing tools to help you out in your tax preparation. The user-friendly features help the user to utilize most of the tools to save their time and money. ProFile also has active community which is online to help the users who face issues while using the software. Adding to that, there is a section of extensive training videos where the users can get knowledge about using the software and if the user face any issue after that too, then there is expert support also available in the software where users may ask any queries and resolve their issues. Now, don’t worry about the software for your professional tax.In other words, you can get your return easily with this best Tax Software For Professionals. Contact us on our phone number 1-877-78-78-8455 and get your issue resolved for preparation of professional taxes.

Get the returns done easily and accurately with best tax software for professionals:

Now you don’t have to worry about getting the returns done as using ProFile which is best tax software for professional, one can do that not only very easily but accurately and efficiently too. Doing data entry is very less and there are multiple tools for reviewing which you can trust on. Some other features include:

1: Filing a group of Corporations was never that easy : Import any kind of information from any corporate returns and using the Corporate Linking feature, transfer the RAC information between all T2 returns.

2: Guarantee of T1 Accuracy : There is guarantee that your client’s T1 or TP1 return will be same as CRA’s assessed amount. ProFile takes the responsibility if there is any difference between the figures.

3: Built in CRA tools which you can trust : EFILE process sometimes becomes a headache for many people. Simplify it with CRA tools which are built into the ProFile and use them to make EFILE process much simpler.

  •   Autofill all the returns
  •   ReFILE
  •   Debits that are Pre-authorized

4: Forms available for all of Canada : Using ProFile Customer Support 1-877-78-78-8455 , user can handle every tax scenario for all kinds of existing tax jurisdictions as it is among best tax software for professionals.

Resolve all your tax issues using ProFile’s Community & Support

Among all the features of ProFile, the most popular is Community and Support where the user can get the training as well as webinars, hosting various events and finally if the issue or problem still exist then the user can get help from live chatting. All these additional features make ProFile to resolve the issue of the user.

  •    Training & Webinars where the user can access all the training videos and get the basic training with live webinars. Also, various tips and tricks are also provided both at beginner as well as expert level.

  •   Community & Events where the user can network to the large online community to share knowledge.

  •   Live chat &help where the user gets help to resolve the issue with excellent customer service

In other words, ProFile is one of the best tax software for the professionals. Feel free if you have any query on our phone number 1-877-78-78-8455 and get your query resolved by our professionals.

With ProFile, handle every tax scenario in an easy & efficient way:

T1 and T1/TP1: Personal highlights
  •   Easy & flexible licensing
  •   Accessing all the returns by going back time with just a simple installation
  •   With built-in CRA tools, get your EFILE process simplified
  •   Get all the EFILE returns (unlimited) in just a single session
  •   View the performance using variance analysis

T2 and CO-17: Corporate
  •   Get all he corporations in a group filed by importing all data and information using Corporate linking
  •   From multiple sources import GIFI data
  •   Comprehensive list (T2 tax forms)
  •   Accessing all the returns by going back time with just a simple installation

T3 and TP-646: Trusts
  •   From options available, allocate all the income to the beneficiaries
  •   Unlimited EFILE T3 slip summaries plus T3 returns
  •   Accessing all the returns by going back time with just a simple installation
  •   View the performance using variance analysis

FX: T4/T5 and other forms
  •   All the information is carried from T1, T2 and T3 returns
  •   Accessing all the returns by going back time with just a simple installation
  •   Get unlimited filing of T4, T5 and RL1
  •   Prepare information returns like T5013, T3010 and TP600

System requirements for running ProFile smoothly:

In order to get most out the software, a system needs to have the following requirement:

  •   A fast processor which should be at least 1 GHz or more
  •   Windows 10 operating system is recommended in Windows or Windows 8.1 or Windows 7 are also acceptable
  •   Needs 4 GB or more of RAM to run at its peak performance
  •   The software needs 3 GB for installation
  •   Windows compatible printers are required in order to print
  •   Display requires minimum resolution of 1024x768 and 16 bit and higher in color
  •   Other requirements include DVD-ROM drive and in order to share database, a good network connectivity is required. Also, a good internet connection ensures activation, licensing and all the future updates of the software.

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Diagnostics for free

T1 Personal Highlights

Accessing all the returns by going back time with just a simple installation.

T1 Tax Module Explore Service

Quick support process

T2 Corporate

Get all he corporations in a group filed by importing all data and information using Corporate linking.

T2 Tax Module Explore Service

24x7 Customer support

EFILE T3 Trusts

Accessing all the returns by going back time with just a simple installation.

T3 Tax Module Explore Service